Invisible Women? Hollywood’s female superhero problem


AP Entertainment Writer

Batman. Spider-Man. Iron Man. Ant-Man.

The list of male superheroes starring in their own big-screen escapades is bigger than Tony Stark’s ego, and the billions of dollars these films have generated rival the fortunes of the well-off tinkerer. However, in spite of Hollywood’s continued fascination with supermen, a new surge of female power could finally electrify the genre and more closely resemble the audiences of comic book adaptations.

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Q&A: Shigeru Miyamoto on ‘amiibo,’ ‘Zelda’ and ‘Mario’ movie


AP Entertainment Writer

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Shigeru Miyamoto seems giddy — and with good reason.

The veteran Nintendo designer behind such landmark video-game franchises as “Mario Bros.” and “Donkey Kong” is happy that after three years of sluggish sales for Nintendo’s touchscreen-centric Wii U console, the Kyoto, Japan-based gaming giant is bouncing back, just like the famous springy plumber dreamed up 33 years ago by Miyamoto.

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Go for the food: Capitol Burgers in Los Angeles

Go For the Food-Los Angeles


LOS ANGELES — There’s this weirdly unfounded reputation that just about everyone in Los Angeles is vegan and therefore sun-baked Angelenos only feast on the likes of kale and quinoa. Such a stereotype is antithetical to the City of Angels’ unhealthy obsession with the hamburger, an ongoing between-two-buns preoccupation that’s birthed hundreds of Southern California burger joints.

La La Land is now home to every imaginable make and model of burger, including the slick hipstery one at Father’s Office in Culver City and Santa Monica, a tongue-in-cheek Asian-inspired burger at Spice Table downtown, the over-the-top Hollywood rendition at 25 Degrees inside the historic Roosevelt Hotel, and the kitschy Umami Burger at the chain’s multiple locations.

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‘Man of Steel’ Star Henry Cavill Takes Superman Gig Seriously

Henry Cavill

AP Entertainment Writer

BURBANK, Calif. — With his dark eyebrows deeply furrowed and gleaming white teeth firmly clamped shut, Henry Cavill winces when asked if Superman is treated like a terrorist in “Man of Steel.” His reaction is somewhat understandable. The charming British actor should feel very protective of the character — one of the biggest icons in pop culture.

Cavill is Superman now.

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